Bulletin Sans Quoi

Welcome to the revival of the Bulletin Sans Quoi!
Many of you may recall the newsletter that the GSN used to send out to its members : the Bulletin Sans Quoi.  As the internet grew in popularity, the GSN began to communicate with its members via email rather than paper, in order to save both trees and money.  However, over time, emails revealed themselves to have their own challenges, such as attachments, long unformatted texts, and of course, spam... Who has the time to read all of that?  And so in light of this, we have decided to try a new approach : the eBulletin Sans Quoi.  here you will find news from the GSN, as well as other local activities, calls for submissions, and employment opportunities in the arts.  All this is a clear and concise formats with links instead of long paragrahs. 

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