• Artistic excellence is always a central to our initiatives;
  • We are a professional art gallery, and we therefore support professional artists and curators;
  • We pay artists fees that have been established by the following national organizations; CARFAC, SOCAN and the IMAA;
  • We strongly support the professional development of artists;
  • We believe that our employees should be paid adequately, in relation to their experience, roles and responsibilities;
  • The GSN recognizes the essential role that is played by volunteers.


  • We support projects and practices that investigate and experiment in all disciplines;
  • Site-specific creation is encouraged and supported.


  • Social commentary and social engagement is of great importance to the GSN;
  • We encourage stimulation of exchange as well as critical discourse;
  • We recognize that controversy is a part of contemporary art and we therefore value freedom of speech;
  • Emerging artists benefit from committed support from the GSN.

Inclusion and openness

  • Participation from diverse communities is perceived as an asset;
  • We maintain and develop relationships with other cultural and community orientated organizations;
  • A local, regional, and national presence in the contemporary art community is important to the GSN;
  • We advocate for artists and for the arts;
  • Relationships within the community are constantly maintained and developed;
  • We form partnerships with other organizations and festivals.


  • Ethics, transparency and honesty guide our practices;
  • We act with respect and understanding in all of our relationships;
  • Sound financial management provides structure and guides decisions at the GSN;
  • We value excellence in our artistic direction;
  • We invest in the professional documentation of projects;
  • We value the recognition of our partners, sponsors and donors for their support.