The Galerie Sans Nom acknowledges the essential roled played by its volunteers!  The GSN is a non-profit organization with a small number of employees and resources at its disposal.

Volunteering is an excellent way to become a part of the community, to meet artists, and to learn about the operations of an artist run centre.  It serves also as a cahnce for students and emerging artists to get their first experiences in the professional art world.  For established artists and patrons, volunteering is a way to support the community that nourishes them.

Volunteering can be done through postering, helping with mail-outs, getting involved with special events, setting up and cleaning up from opennings, welcoming artists and guests, or sitting on one of the committees at the GSN.

Your participation and contributions will be recognized and sincerely appreciated since the GSN, an important link in the chain of contemporary art diffusion in Acadie, would not survive without its volunteers!

Thank you!